Image of Action Presidents #1

Action Presidents #1


The award-winning creators of Action Philosophers and The Comic Book History of Comics debut their brand new series! Action Presidents chronicles the true lives and times of the people who have led the United States, and we’re starting at the very beginning, with George Washington! Explore the causes of the Revolution, find out why the brand-new American government felt it needed a president in the first place, and why everyone in the country knew the first one had to be George Washington … everyone that is, except George Washington himself!


We highly recommend the full-color digital comic format, but If you MUST have your comics in slightly more expensive, slightly uglier "analog" form, we also offer the special DEAD CHERRY TREE limited edition exclusively available online right here for $3.00 plus shipping. It's 24 pages under a full color cover printing all of Action President: Washington plus a 5 page excerpt of Action Philosopher: Thomas Jefferson, all in glorious black and white on glamorous newsprint paper.